Saturday, May 21, 2005

My Bloggin Habit

The number of posts from my side has gone down drastically over the months. When I started bloggin in March, I was at TAPMI, where I had 24X7 Internet access, and there were lot of things going on around me about which I could write. Now things are different, no more free Internet and since I have holidays there is nothing going on around to write about.

I hope to improve it after I get a job, where I will have Internet access and things to write about. Regarding the bob, I have to report in Chennai on 3rd of June. We (There are 11 more Management Trainees joining along with me) will be given accomodation for a week. We have to collect our uniforms from the office on 4th. The uniforms are White shirts and Dark blue pants with black shoes. Reminds me of my school days, in KV we had the same uniforms. So after a break of 7 years I am back into the old dress.

My date of joining duty is 6th June.

The Kashmir trip has been cancelled, due to the twin bomb attacks last week and some killings of civilians in the next few days. We will be going to Gangtok, Kalimpong and Darjileeng. Will leave on 25th or 26th of this month and return on 31st.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Unpacked my computer

Its been more than a month since I reached home, and I had still not opened my computer. I had plans of taking it to Chennai, so I did not want to unpack it now. But boredom at home got the better of me and finally I had to open the computer.

Before leaving Manipal, my computer was attacked by viruses and I had to reinstall the OS. I had not restored the system completely, so I am utilizing the free time at home to get my computer back in shape.

So these days I am loading a lot of programs, watching a lot of movies on my computer.

Saw 2 Malayalam movies - Swapanakoodu and Manasinakkare - and an English movie - The Runaway Jury.

I faced a few problems while installing some programs. The CD on which I have Photoshop had developed errors, so I could not install it. Adobe Pro says that there is a cabinet file missing. Adobe reader says that there is a bit more of downloading left. So these programs are hanging by the wire.

VirtualDub has developed a new problem. Whichever movie I compress, the sound is delayed by 2-3 seconds. I am suspecting that I might have accidently changed some setting, so I downloaded the latest version of VirtualDub today. Hope it solvs the problem.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Latest Update

Its getting boring at home. There is nothing much to do, other than watching tv, reading newpapers, eating and sleeping.

My parents and I will be going to Srinagar for a 4 day trip starting from 23rd May. This is the last LTC I can avail. Once I join my company, I will not be eligible to go along with my parents during LTC. We will be flying till Srinagar, staying at house boats and returning by flight.

This will be my first trip to J&K. The farthest I have travelled to the North is till Shimla, which was during my MIP last year.

Many of my friends will be coming to Bangalore this week to join their jobs. Hope to meet many of them this weekend.